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    Sublimax panels are a coated aluminium substrate ready for your next sublimation printing project.

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    Almaxco, with its headquarters in Singapore, has been manufacturing Aluminium Composite Panel Sheets since 1997. With exports to over 42 countries and 27 distributors across four continents, Almaxco is one of the leading global players in the Aluminium Composite Panel Industry.

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    Almaxco ® Aluminium Composite Panels is widely used in various industries. Its superior flatness, strength and light weight make it an optimal solution for various applications.

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    Almaxco ® Signage/Digital Printing Panels are extremely lightweight, rigid and flat, providing creative designers with endless possibilities to express their ideas and achieve the optimal results.

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    Furniture, Splash Backs, Room Dividers & Wall Partitions, Retractable Garage Doors, Marine & Transportation Industry, Tunnel Walls & many more.

Almaxco/ A2 Fire ResistantPanel Sheets

Almaxco/ A2 FR Core Panel Sheets are a non-combustible, non-toxic and environmentally friendly product. The organic mineral filled core makes the A2 FR panel sheets one of the highest fire rated panel sheets currently in the industry and have been tested in accordance with various fire standards globally (as shown in the table below).

When the mineral filled core is subjected to heat, it does not emit any toxic-fumes or environmentally hazardous substances.

Architects can specify the A2 FR Panel Sheets on projects where fire safety is of the utmost concern, such as public buildings, sporting arenas, tunnel walls, underground railway stations, etc., just to name a few.

Region Test Standard
European Union EN13501-1: 2007
USA ASTM E119-07 (2hr)/ ASTM E84
Australia/ New Zealand AS/NZS 1530.1, AS/NZS 1530.3, AS/NZS 3837: 1998
UK & Commonwealth BS 476, Part 4 (Non-Combustible),
BS 476, Part 6 & 7 to core
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Advantages of Almaxco A2 FR Core Panel Sheets

  • Non-Combustible, Mineral Filled Core (Highest Fire Proofing Characteristics)
  • Lightweight compared to other products with similar fire proofing characteristics
  • Wide choice of colors and sizes
  • Excellent acoustic properties (Noise & Vibration Dampening)
  • Excellent Flatness and Flexural Strength
  • Recyclable and Environmentally friendly