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    Sublimax panels are a coated aluminium substrate ready for your next sublimation printing project.

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    Almaxco, with its headquarters in Singapore, has been manufacturing Aluminium Composite Panel Sheets since 1997. With exports to over 42 countries and 27 distributors across four continents, Almaxco is one of the leading global players in the Aluminium Composite Panel Industry.

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    Almaxco ® Aluminium Composite Panels is widely used in various industries. Its superior flatness, strength and light weight make it an optimal solution for various applications.

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    Almaxco ® Signage/Digital Printing Panels are extremely lightweight, rigid and flat, providing creative designers with endless possibilities to express their ideas and achieve the optimal results.

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    Furniture, Splash Backs, Room Dividers & Wall Partitions, Retractable Garage Doors, Marine & Transportation Industry, Tunnel Walls & many more.

Almaxco Special Finisheson Panel Sheets

Almaxco Natural Stone & Wooden Design Panel Sheets

This range of Panel Sheets comes in various natural stone colors and patterns or wood grains to give the effect of real natural stone or timber.

These Panels Sheets can be supplied in both Polyester and PVDF coating for both interior and exterior applications.

The natural and vibrant effects of these coated Panel Sheets are a perfect replacement for real stone and timber, as it allows for lower costs of construction and maintenance of the buildings.

These Panels Sheets can be supplied in various thicknesses and sizes.

Special Finishes

Special Finishes2

Almaxco Chameleon Effect Panel Sheets

The Almaxco Chameleon Panel Sheets have a fascinating multi-color effect when the coated surface of the Panel Sheets are viewed from varying angles under sunlight conditions

These range of Panel Sheets give buildings a unique look and make them stand out from the rest.

These Panels Sheets can be supplied in various thicknesses and sizes.

Almaxco High Gloss Sparkling Panel Sheets

The Almaxco High Gloss Sparkling Panel Sheets are coated with double polyester coating and display glass like effect due to their high gloss. We can also jazz up the panel with sparkling metallic powder to give the surface an extra sparkling effect.

These Panels Sheets can be supplied in a wide range of colors options and is the perfect substitute for glass kitchen splash backs, as the high gloss surface can be easily cleaned to wipe away any oil and grease stains.

Besides kitchen splash backs this range of Panel Sheets can be used on sliding doors, wall coverings, lobby fit outs and furniture.

These Panels Sheets can be supplied in various thicknesses and sizes.

Almaxco Anti-Bacterial Paint Coated Panel Sheets

The Almaxco Anti-Bacterial Coated Panel Sheets are coated with special Anti-bacterial formula paint, which offers protection from harmful bacteria such as MRSA, E-Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus. Its long-lasting coat promotes better hygiene and health, while keeping the surroundings clean and fresh.

These range of Panel Sheets are widely used for wall partitions and doors in clean room environments for the pharmaceutical laboratories, semi-conductor R&D laboratories and medical facilities that require clean and sterilized environments.

These Panels Sheets can be supplied in various thicknesses and sizes.

Almaxco High Gloss

Almaxco Transportation Panel Sheets

The Almaxco Panel Sheets can be used in a wide range of applications in the Aviation, Cruise Ships, Railway, Recreational Vehicles (RV) and Passenger Buses.

Our Light Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and Fire-Rated (FR) core Panels Sheets offer a perfect solution to cater to this niche market segment. The rigidity, flatness, lightweight, wide paint types and color options allow for our Panel Sheets to be used in in many applications.

As the Transportion Industry is always looking to improve their competitiveness in this era of rising fuel costs, by using lighter and more durable materials, Almaxco Composite Panel Sheets are the perfect solution to meet those requirements.

Special Finishes 2


  • Aircraft Galley Trollies
  • Overhead Bag Cabins
  • Lavatories Wall Partitions

Marine (Cruise Ships)

  • Passenger Cabin Wall Partitions
  • Wide range of Signage applications
  • Interior Decoration ( i.e Wall Panels, Lift Interiors, Furniture)

Railways (Trains), RV’s and Buses

  • Passenger Cabin Wall Partitions
  • Overhead Bag Cabins
  • Luggage Wall Compartments
  • Lavatories Wall Partitions