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    Sublimax panels are a coated aluminium substrate ready for your next sublimation printing project.

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    Almaxco, with its headquarters in Singapore, has been manufacturing Aluminium Composite Panel Sheets since 1997. With exports to over 42 countries and 27 distributors across four continents, Almaxco is one of the leading global players in the Aluminium Composite Panel Industry.

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    Almaxco ® Aluminium Composite Panels is widely used in various industries. Its superior flatness, strength and light weight make it an optimal solution for various applications.

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    Almaxco ® Signage/Digital Printing Panels are extremely lightweight, rigid and flat, providing creative designers with endless possibilities to express their ideas and achieve the optimal results.

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    Furniture, Splash Backs, Room Dividers & Wall Partitions, Retractable Garage Doors, Marine & Transportation Industry, Tunnel Walls & many more.

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Achieving our

Sustainability Goals

In-line Regenerative Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer (Paint Coating)
As part of our on going efforts to achieve our Sustainability Goals, we have invested in an In-line Regenerative Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer, which during the coating process reduces the release of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that are known to be a cause of Ozone depletion.

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A regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) is an industrial process for the treatment of exhaust air. The system uses a bed of ceramic material to absorb heat from the exhaust gas and use the captured heat to preheat the incoming process gas stream.

The basic operation of an RTO consists of passing a hot gas stream over a heat sink material in one direction and recovering that heat by passing a cold gas stream through that same heat sink material in an alternate cycle.

They are used to destroy air toxics and VOCs that are discharged in industrial process exhausts.

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Re-Cycle of Waste Water

Water and chemicals are used during the degreasing process of the aluminium coils. This produces acidic wastewater, which goes through a re-cycling process and neutralizes the PH content before being re-cycled back into the degreasing process. The sedimentation which is a by-product of the degreasing process, is removed by a specialist company who will dispose off the sediment in an environmentally friendly & sustainable manner.

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Almaxco ACP is a verified product under the Ecospecifier Global Verified program, we are committed to producing environmentally sustainable products using recycled raw materials and embracing eco-friendly operations and production processes.

Our Sustainability Program is aimed at implementing our current environmental & sustainability goals listed below and to explore new and more environmentally friendly production and operational processes which will increase the yields and efficiencies of our overall business.

Our Company recognizes its responsibility to the environment and aims to:

  • Comply with current environmental legislations.
  • Consider and assess taking action where necessary to continuously improve environmental practice across all departments of the organization.
  • Emphasize to employees at all levels their own responsibility to the environmental well being, giving training and information where applicable.
  • Display and provide this policy to all employees.
  • Give preference to suppliers and procure raw materials from those suppliers who are within a 500 mile radius of our factory to reduce effects of transportation emissions as far as possible.
  • Minimize the usage of virgin material across all our product lines and ensure that all our products are made from at least 50% recycled materials ( PE core).
  • Recycle all waste such as Aluminium, PE core, wood, office supplies and ensure it is sent to appropriate vendors for recycling.
  • Keep noise pollution to a minimum as far as possible.
  • Ensure water and energy are conserved and recycling of materials is promoted.
  • Ensure environmental accidents are investigated, dealt with and preventive measures are enforced to prevent future occurrences.
  • Review this policy once a year taking into considerations any findings which can enable us to improve our environmental and sustainability policy for the future.

    These may be just some small steps which we can consciously decided to embrace, we will always continue to do more and implement more ways to reduce our impact on our fragile environment.

    It is for these efforts that we are proud to say that Almaxco Composite Panels contribute towards LEEDS and is Verified by Ecospecifier.
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